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Transform Your Outdoors Area

Our easy-to-set-up solutions increase functionality and comfort while providing a seamless experience for our customers.


Our Patented product designs provide a solution for many common problems. It's perfect for sports events, construction sites, and more!

Prettier Potty
Prettier Potty

Prettier Potty Covers

Our durable, high-quality potty covers, made of

heavy-duty polyethylene material, provide privacy in any outdoor setting.

Pricing: $495.99

(Including frame and cover)

Leveling Prettier Potty
Leveling Prettier Potty

Fast Sure "Easy Level" System

Easy Level is designed for easy setup on any outdoor terrain without requiring additional tools.


Pricing: $79.95

(Sold in sets of 4)

ABS Mud Mats

Mud Mat 2
Mud Mat

Our ABS Mudmats are easy to maintain, self-cleaning, and nonslip, making them perfect for outdoor use in any season.

Pricing: $49.95

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